Voice Control feature

The Voice Search feature allows you to use your voice to search for movies, TV shows, apps, games, and more.

To use your voice to search, you must have the Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote or the Fire TV Remote App installed on a compatible device. Voice search will not work with third-party voice-enabled remotes.

Note: If you pair multiple voice remotes or remote apps with your Amazon Fire TV device at the same time, Voice Search will only work with the first paired remote.



  1. On your Element Fire TV Voice Remote, press and hold the  mceclip0.png button. A microphone icon should appear on the screen, and you will see Listening...
  2. Continue to hold the Voice button and say keywords related to the content items you want to search for(such as the title or genre), and then release the Voice button when you're done speaking.Your Element Fire TV device will search your content library, the Amazon stores, and any compatible apps for related content. The results will appear on your TV screen.
  3. Use the directional track pad on the remote to review your search results, and then press the Select button to select an item.If you experience issues searching for content using voice input, press up on the remote to use Text Search to enter your search terms with the onscreen keyboard.

Tip: To optimize your Voice Search experience, make sure you:

  • Speak one to eight inches from the microphone.
  • Have one person speak at a time.
  • Reduce background noise Say a movie title, actor name, character name, or genre instead of full sentences or commands, as your Element Fire TV device does not support natural language commands.
  • To search for videos that are included with Amazon Prime at no additional charge, add the phrase "Prime only"to a voice search.


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