Subtitles/Closed Caption: How do I turn ON/OFF the Subtitles/Closed Caption?

Please follow the below procedure to enable or disable the Subtitles

STEP 1: On the TV Home Screen select SETTINGS.


 STEP 2: Under Settings, select Accessibility


 STEP 3: Under Accessibility Select Captions mode. At this point, you can choose among the following options:


  • Off – No captions appear.
  • On always– Captions appear whenever they are available from the program source.
  • On replay– Captions appear only when you use the replay feature, and only when you are watching a streaming program that supports instant replay, watching a video through the Roku or USB media player, or watching a TV channel after enabling Live TV Pause.
  • On mute – Captions appear only when the TV is muted.

Note: If the Television is connected to a Cable Box and if you are not able to turn ON/OFF the Closed Captions then please contact your Cable provider to change the settings

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