Screen Mirror/Cast: How to screen mirror the Phone/Tablet to the TV?

Things to check...

  • Make sure the Television and the Phone/Tablet are connected to the same WiFi.
  • Ensure TV is synced with the Roku account
  • Only Android phones and Tablets can be Screen Mirrored

Note: IF you are trying to Screen Mirror an IPHONE then Check for the options Airplay or Home-kit under SETTINGS. If the options Airplay or Home-kit aren't listed then the TV is not compatible to mirror an IPHONE

Please follow the instructions below...

Step 1: On the Home Screen select SETTINGS

Step 2: Under Settings select SYSTEM

Step 3: Under System select Screen Mirroring and change the Screen Mirroring mode to Always allow

Note: If you don't see Screen Mirroring option listed under System then follow the below steps...

  1. On the Home Screen select SETTINGS
  2. Under settings select System and then select ADVANCE SYSTEM SETTINGS
  3. Under Advance System Settings select DEVICE CONNECT to Enable Device Connect

Your Phone/Tablet will detect the Television and you will be able to proceed with the Screen Mirroring.

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