Cable Setup: Use TV to watch regular Cable Channels?

Follow these steps to complete Guided Setup. At this point, you should be seeing the Language screen.

Step 1: Select your preferred languageC1.PNG

Step 2: Select your Country


Step 3: Select Setup for Home Use


Step 4:  If you DO NOT want the TV connected to a WiFi then please select CONNECT TO INTERNET LATER


Step 5: Next, Guided Setup helps you set up the external devices that you want to use with it, such as a cable box, Blu-ray™ player, or game console.Press the OK button to continue


Step 6: Press OK or the RIGHT arrow to proceed. Select Everything is plugged in and turned on


Step 7: On each input that has an active device connected , you can see its picture and hear its sound. Press the UP or DOWN arrows to highlight the label you want to associate with the input.

Note: If you have connected the Cable box with a HDMI cord then select Cable Box under the Input selection. Example: If a Cable Box is connected into HDMI1 then select Cable Box under the HDMI1 Input.

If you have used a RCA cord (red,white, yellow) then select Cable box under the AV input


Step 8: Select ALL DONE.


Step 9: TV will display the Home Screen. On the Home Screen select the tile Cable Box to start viewing your Cable Channels


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