Sleep Timer: How do I turn ON/OFF the TV Sleep Timer? Model ELEFW328/ELEFJ322/ELFW195/ELEFW195/ELEFJ191/ELEFT2416/ELEFJ243

Please follow the below instructions to turn ON/OFF the Sleep Timer for TV models [ELEFW328/ELEFJ322/ELFW195/ELEFW195/ELEFJ191/ELEFT2416/ELEFJ243/E4AA50N,E4AA43N-G,E1AA32N-G ,E1AA24N,E1AA19N,E2T4019]

Press the Sleep button on your TV Remote to ON/OFF the Sleep Timer



Step 1: Press the Menu button on the TV remote


Step 2: Scroll down and select TIME


Step 3: Under time select the SLEEP TIMER to turn it ON/OFF


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