Cable Channel Scan: How to scan Cable Channels? Model ELEFW328/ELEFJ322/ELFW195/ELEFW195/ELEFJ191/ELEFT2416/ELEFJ243

Note: You Scan the Cable Channels only when a Cable line or cable box is connected to the TV with a Coaxial cord...


Please follow the instruction below to scan the Cable Channels...

STEP 1: Ensure the Source Input is selected to TV. Press the source button on the TV remote and select the Source input TV


STEP 2: Press the MENU button on the TV remote to see the list of options. Scroll down to select the option Channel


STEP 3: Ensure the option Air/Cable set to CABLE


STEP 4: Scroll down and select the option Auto Scan. The TV will display a message “Are you Sure You want to Auto ScanYES OR NO. Highlight YES and and select the OK button.

The scanning will take a few minutes. Please do not interrupt the Scanning Process.


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