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Cable Channel Scan: How to scan Cable Channels? E4STA5017/E4STA5517

Note: You Scan the Cable Channels only when a Cable line or cable box is connected to the TV with a Coaxial cord...


Please follow the below procedure to perform a Channel Scan

STEP 1: Ensure the Television is on the Home Screen. On the Home Screen Scroll down to Inputs and select Channels


 STEP 2: Upon selecting Channels, Television will display the following Screen. Once on this screen press the Menu button on the TV remote


STEP 3: Selecting the Menu will display TV Options


STEP 4: Select TV Options, Scroll across and select Settings


STEP 5: Under Settings select Channel Sources


STEP 6: Select Channels


STEP 7: Select CABLE to scan Cable Channels


Step 8: Select YES to start scanning



Channel Scanning will take a few minutes. Please do not interrupt the Scanning Process.

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