Pair a Game Controller as a Remote and pairing other devices

Pair a Game Controller as a Remote-

Fire TV comes with full support for Amazon App-store games. Most of them are an absolute pain to play with a standard remote, but if you’ve got the right wireless controller sitting around, you can easily pair that and start playing. Best of all, compatible Bluetooth game pads can be used to control your Fire TV, just like a remote.



Pairing Other Devices-

  1. Fire TV can pair with more than just a few remotes and game pads. You can also pair Bluetooth keyboards and a few other accessories, most of which add functionality while still letting you navigate the interface wirelessly.
  2. To pair another device, go back to your Fire TV’s Settings page, choose Controllers & Bluetooth Devices, then select Other Bluetooth Devices at the bottom. Click the Add Bluetooth Devices option to ready the Fire TV to begin pairing.
  3. Next, make the device you’re trying to pair discoverable via Bluetooth. This will vary depending on the hardware in question, but it’s usually something simple like holding a button down for a few seconds. Once that’s done, the Fire TV will automatically pair with the device and you’ll be good to go.
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