Factory Reset: How to Reset/Factory Reset the TV? Model ELSFT5517/E4SW5518/ELST3216H/ELST4017/ELST4316S/ELST5016S/E2SW5018

Follow the instructions below to Reset/Factory Reset the TVs Model [E4SFT5517/E4SW5517/ ELST3216H/ ELST5016S/E2SW5018/ ELST4017/ELST4316S]

  1. Press the Menu Button once on your TV Remote followed by the number zero five times. This will display the factory settings screen
  2. Under the factory settings select RESET or FACTORY RESET.
  3. TV will display an on-screen message stating are you sure to reset YES or NO. Highlight Yes and push the OK button on your TV remote

The TV will restart in a few seconds. If it doesn’t, power on the TV using the Remote Control or manually.

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